In 1985 a black Labrador Retriever bitch called My captured my heart. She was my family's first dog and we probably did all possible faults with her upbringing.
My was a family dog, we took her to a couple of Dog Shows, without any great success, but after her teens, she was a really well behaved dog.
To our great sadness My passed away far to soon in March 1995, a couple of weeks before her 10th Birthday.
My was followed by not more than two wonderful, black bitches, the sisters Manda (Caveris Julsång) and Rosa (Caveris Julros). Although sisters, these two differed very much in personality and temper. Manda was more of the silent leader, the hunter, while Rosa was the wild one, the eternal puppy. By now I had already moved to Turku to study, but I  still spent much time in Hanko.
In December 2001 Manda passed away after a long period of illness, and Rosa was left alone. So, in the beginning of June 2002, Sherry (Adventurer's Shim ShimShiree) made her entrance. With Sherry's arrival, my true interest in the whole wonderful world of Labrador Retrievers and dogs was born. When Sherry was about 1 years old I started to go to obedience class with her, this was followed by other activites, such as retrieving and utility dog tracking.

In the Fall of 2004 I attended the Basic Course for Breeders and in January 2005, I sent in my application for my own Breeder Name, and as from May 2005 I'm the proud owner of Sherbert's!
The first Sherbert's puppies were planned to be born in the Summer of 2006, but everything doesn't always go as you plan... Instead Selma (Hopeahietikon Glitras-Selma) joined my life in June. Selma was my first "own" dog, and she lived with me in Turku. Obedience and Water rescue were the main fields of interest with Selma, as well as some Rally-Obedience.
In 2010 I had my first litter under the prefix "Sherbert's" - an all black litter was born 22.2.2010, 4 males and 4 females. One of the puppies, Isa (Sherbert's Ice Crystal) stayed home.

In 2014 Selma achieved her Finnish Championship in Water Rescue, and in 2016 Isa followed in her mother's footstes and became Finnish Water Rescue Champion as well.

12.9.2017 my beloved Selma passed away - she was a great personality and will be missed.

In 2008 I  became a qualified obedience instructor and since October 2009 I'm also an test functionary in obedience (TOKO-koetoimitsija) and head steward in obedience (TOKO-liikkeenohjaaja).
Since 2010 I'm also an instructor an test functtionary in Water Rescue, and since 2014 also a test functionary in Rally-Obedience.

Since 2006 I've been a board member and secretary in the local dog club in Hanko, Hangon Kennelkerho r.y. I have given obedience courses in Hanko since 2006.
Since 2009 I'm also a member of the Obedience Committee in Auran Nuuskut, and since 2015 I've been the  chairperson of the committee. I'm also a member of the Water Rescue Committee in Auran Nuuskut, and since 2017 also a board member.