Flatcoated Retriever


Name Noanarkin Bison Bonasus
Birth date 3.7.2015
Hips A:A
Elbows 3:3
Eyes Ok (08/2016)
Dog Shows Good (Junior Class, Turku 21.1.2017)
Very Good (Intermediate Class Tampere 26.11.2017)
Water Rescue SOVE1 (Rusko 2.7.2017)
Rally-Obedience ALO0 (Turku 6.12.2017)
Breeder Kaija Leinonen, Kennel Noanarkin, Laukkoski
Owner Ralf Björklun, Åbo



Name Hopeahietikon Glitras-Selma "Selma"
Birth date 4.5.2006
Hips c:B
Elbows 0:0
Eyes Clear (09/2009)
Optigen prcd PRA Normal/Clear (03/2009)

EIC  Normal (N/N) (08/2009)
CNM Carrier (N/HMLR) (08/2009)
Dog Shows VG (Lohja 8.6.2008)
Obedience tests TK1 (3xALO1, 1xALO2, 1xAVO2, 2xAVO3, 2xAVO1)
Working tests BH approved
Water Rescue SOVE1, 2xALO1, 3xAVO1, 3xVOI1, 1xVOI2 -> FI VPVA
Breeder Sylvi Wiberg,
Kennel Hopeahietikon, Hanko
Owner Jeanette Wikman, Turku
Selma was born 4.5.2006 in Hanko, in a small kennel called Hopeahietikon. She was born in a litter of two girls and two boys, all black.
Her mother is BH Hopeahietikon Isas-Glittra or Lillukka, a brown bitch, and her father is Fin&S KVA Havulinnun Draken or Taavi, a black dog.

In the Summer of 2006 I had planned to have my first own litter, I had planned to mate Sherry. We went all the way to Kuopio to mate her, but,
with no success, she didn't want to co-operate at all. A couple of days before our trip to Kuopio I had gotten a message from Sylvi that Lillukka had
had 4 black puppies. When we were driving back from Kuopio (a 5 hours drive) I couldn't get over my disappointment about not having any puppies,
I had planned to keep a bitch for myself from the planned litter. So, then I started to think about other possibilities. Of course I could always try to
mate Sherry again from her next heat, but because of my work, the Summer of 2006 would have been optimal for having a puppy. And, because
Sherry already was 4 years old it was a "now or never" situation. Then I started to think about taking a bitch from Sylvis newborn litter, and the
more I thought about it, the more appealing the thought became!

So a couple of days later I called Sylvi and asked her about the possibility for me to buy one of her puppies and about two months later I was the proud
owner to Selma!
I first went to look at Selma and her siblings when they were 2 weeks old, small black lab babies. And when they where four weeks old I got to choose
which one of the two bitches I wanted to have. I chose the one that were more active (at that moment) and she had a small white spot on her chest.
When Selma was 7 weeks old I picked her up from Sylvi's and introduced her to Sherry and Rosa. Everything went just fine.

Selma was a very fast learner and she had the will to please. It's was joy to work with her! She was very calm at home -didn't really destroyed anything during
her upbringing. 
She was my "Once In  A Lifetime" dog and she will be greatly missed.
Always in my heart!



Name Adventurer's Shim ShimShiree "Sherry"
Birth date 12.4.2002
Hips A:A
Elbows 0:0
Eyes Clear  (01/2006)
Dog Shows Several VG
Working tests BH approved
Field tests NOU0
Breeder Jaana Railamaa & Juhani Heikniemi, Kennel Adventurer's, Nousiainen
Owner Karl-Gustav Wikman, Hanko

Sherry was born the 12.4.2002 in Adventurer's Kennel in Nousiainen. The litter contained 8 puppies, all black, 4 girls and 4 boys. When the litter was 3 weeks old we went to look at the puppies, and again at 5 weeks. Sherry was a small 7 weeks old puppy when we brought her home.
She was supposed to be a Brandy, but that name didn't fit her at all, so we changed it to Sherry as soon as we saw her.
It was a hot day in early June when we came home with Sherry. During the 2 hour ride home Sherry had managed to swim in her drinking bowl 3-4 times, so my clothes were all wet. You could already then see htat this was a dog who loved water!
The first meeting with big sis' Rosa went fine. At first Rosa didn't appreciate that Sherry took her toys, but it didn't take that much time until Sherry was accepted.
With Sherry I started the "real" obedience training when she was around 1.5 years old. She loves the training and she's a very fast learner. Around 9 Month after we started the training we passed the BH-test. In 2004 we participated in a Field Test for Retrievers, but we didn't pass it.
Sherry passed away of old age 10.3.2015.



Breed Flatcoated retriever, male
D.o.b. 1.10.2003
Hips A:A
Elbows 0:0
Knees 0:0
Eyes OK (09/2009) 
Breeder Jan & Sisko Jönsson, Kennel Bregils (Sweden)
Owner Ralf Björklund


Name Caveris Julros "Rosa"
Birth date 31.12.1994
Hips B:A
Breeder Carita Kousa, Kennel Caveris
Owner Dordi Wikman, Hanko
Rosa was born 31.12.1994 in Caveris Kennel in Espoo. The litter contained 8 puppies, 6 girls (4 black and 2 yellow) and 2 boys (1 black and 1 yellow). The mother was Fin&Int&Est ShCH Caveris Mimosa (yellow) and the father Caveris Fitzgo (black).
When Rosa, and her sister Manda, joined our family in 1995, she was already 11-12 weeks old, so she was passed the "bonding" period. The two small puppies had bonded with each other, and that was obvious for everyone to see.
Of course Rosa loved us, her family, but she didn't really care about other people.
Since she was a puppy, Rosa was the playful one, the one that always did the "bad" things. As she got older she of course calmed down, but she could still be very demanding and playful.
Luckily Rosa was very healthy. She ran into a propeller (on dry land) when she was around 3 years old and got a nasty cut next to her right eye. The cut healed nicely, but the tearchannel was damaged. In the Summer of 2004 she went through a major surgery when 7 fatty bumps were removed all over her body. One, in her back leg, turned out to be a tumour.
From 2006 forward we noticed that her hearing was not what it used to be, and she had some arthritis in her front feet, but otherwise she was doing just fine, after all, she was not a youngster anymore. But, before and after her last heat in April-May 2008 we could notice that she had become more tired and her walking became slower. She also got problems with her stomach. We got the stomach better with antibiotics and diet food, but without medicine, the stomach became upset again. She also probably came down with an urine infection after her last heat. Finally we had to let go, to relise that there's a time for goodbyes. Rosa took her last breath with her baby Sherry by her side. Now, she's running on the great, green meadows with her beloved sister Manda.
Gone, but not forgotten!



Name Caveris Julsång "Manda"
Birth date 31.12.1994
Hips -
Breeder Carita Kousa, Kennel Caveris
Owner Karl-Gustav Wikman, Hanko
Manda was Rosa's (Caveris Julros) sister. When we went to look at the remaining two puppies at Caveris Kennel, we couldn't decide which one to take, so we took both. And we never regretted that decision!
Manda was always a little smaller than Rosa, but always the leader. Because Rosa and Manda grew up together they were very attached to each other and it was as if you had one dog, they complemented each other.
At the age of 1 we sterilized Manda because she was heavily pseudopregnant after each heat, becoming very depressed and lazy.
At the age of 3 a tumour was found in her left eye. On New Years Eve 1998 the tumour was removed at the University Animal hospital in Helsinki. Through surgery the eye was spared, but how much of her eyesight was left after the surgery, we do not know. The tumour in her eye was malignant, but they didn't think it would renew itself if they had gotten the whole tumour out during surgery.
In 2000 Manda started to loose weight and she didn't really eat that much food. She also threw up food after she had eaten. We didn't get a diagnosis for her sickness until we changed veterinarian in 2001: Manda's liver was full of tumours. The vet thought that the tumours in the liver all originated from the one in her eye two years earlier. On December 20th 2001 we went to the veterinarian for the last time with Manda. Rosa was with her sister when Manda drew her last breath. It was a very sad, but at the same time, a beautiful moment. At last Manda's suffering was over.



Name My
Birth date 12.4.1985
Hips H
Breeder Valborg Niemi, Hanko
Owner Karl-Gustav Wikman, Hanko
My was our first Labrador retriever. She was born in Hanko, on April 12th 1985. Her mother was Tsarodej My Sailor, Mymlan, a yellow bitch, while her father was Tsarodej Teddy Bear, a black dog. The litter had 8 puppies, all black, 4 girls and 4 boys.
My was a very active dog when she was younger, and we did a lot of mistakes in her upbringing. But when she grew up she became very wise and obedient.
My died about a week before her 10th Birthday. She became paralyzed in her back legs, the reason could not be found.